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Flexible Led module Sign

Flexible Led module Sign

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**LED Advertisement Sign for Any Occasion**

Transform any space into a vibrant spectacle with our LED Rectangular Advertisement Sign. This specially designed display is perfect for various scenes, from restaurants and bars to cars, hotels, advertisements, birthdays, Christmas, and more. Its flexibility and rich, colorful lights make it a versatile addition to any setting.

**Key Features:**

1. **Flexible Panel:**
- Utilizes high-quality FPC flexible board that can be bent and curled.
- Supports 7 colors and multiple world-wide languages for a customizable experience.
- High brightness with thick font for clear visibility.

2. **Remote Control Version:**
- Open and close directly for easy operation.
- Timed power-off feature.
- Adjustable brightness levels.
- Selection of Music Rhythm for dynamic displays.
- Mirroring and automatic playback options.
- Switch between 9 different contents with the remote control.

3. **Intelligent APP Control:**
- Bluetooth-connected app control for easy customization.
- Connect multiple LED displays simultaneously for a coordinated display.
- Built-in interesting modes and animations for eye-catching visuals.
- Customize patterns and text directly from your phone.

4. **Rich Display Modes:**
- Scroll and play modes for dynamic displays.
- Various modes like left, right, up and down snowflakes, laser, and static modes.
- Rotatable font (90, 180, 270 degrees) for versatile presentations.

5. **Power and Installation:**
- USB interface, thin, and light design.
- DC5V input voltage and 2A current for energy efficiency.
- Plug and play with a glue surface for easy bending and folding.
- App download for quick setup; suitable for independent use, even by children.

6. **Weather Resistance:**
- Dripping glue waterproof process for IP65 waterproof rating.
- Suitable for all weather conditions—waterproof, moisture-proof, and high-temperature resistant.
- Caution against using low-power USB supplies and avoiding bending or pulling the display forcefully.

**Enhance Your Space with Intelligent LED Displays!**

Order now and elevate your space with our LED Advertisement Sign. The perfect blend of flexibility, vibrant displays, and intelligent control for a truly captivating experience. Stand out and make a lasting impression today!
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